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"Linear Battles"

O, Murderous Heart!
Oozing crimson blood.
Your every beat is extravagant.
Brilliant, like torture.

With every contraction
In pours the blood
But with every release,
Out pours my soul.

My tissue paper skin.
The great concealer of NOTHING!
I know you can see
right through me

O, Labyrinth of Tongues!
You were my last resort
But alas, my maze of words
Always crumbles by your kiss.

I Surrender To This Love.


Mike Doughty - Lancaster show


words don't even describe it

-Tremendous Brunettes
-I Wrote a Song About Your Car
-Navigating By the Stars at Night
-St. Louise Is Listening
-American Car
-Grey Ghost
-I Hear the Bells
-More Bacon Than the Pan Can Handle
-I Just Want the Girl in the Blue Dress to Keep On Dancing
-Fort Hood
-The Gambler
-Put It Down
-27 Jennifers
-Looking at the World From the Bottom of a Well

Here's some pics for you guys:

I took a TON so if you're interested you can check the rest out on my myspace page @ www.myspace.com/shithousecandy

Man Vs. Wild


I have a new obsession and his name is ....


I seriously think he's amazing.

He's only 33 and already is a black belt in karate, was the youngest Brit to climb Mount Everest, served in the British Special Air Services, led the first unassisted crossing of the frozen North Atlantic Ocean in an open inflatable boat, he broke a Guinness world record by hosting a dinner party at a table suspended below a hot air balloon at 24,500 feet, not to mention he owns his own FUCKING ISLAND off the Welsh coast!

So needless to say I'm pretty jealous of his wife ;;D


Ok... so for all of you who were friends with me before on my other pages (rbolangrl or lyrical_lies13) thanks for adding me again. I know I tend to get bored with things a lot and start up new accounts like... WHOA!

Anyway, even if you don't know me personally then feel free to add me anyway. I like meeting new people. There are a couple things you should know first:

1. I am not Robert James Hoffman III.
2. I don't know how to contact Robert Hoffman.
3. I am just a fan of his work.

Well, I just had to get that out of the way before I get bombarded with a million "WTF? YOU'RE NOT HIM" comments.